Gisela Gamper

Gisela Gamper has been photographing since the 1970s. Early on Gamper preferred large format cameras to capture her images and primarily printed in palladium, a historic printing process. Like many women artists, Gamper used her body as a (literal) ground of being. Instead of exploring how the body inhabits and moves in an alien world, these photos from the 1990's graft the world itself directly onto the artist's torso, at first through photomontage, and later through computer manipulation. 

From 1999 to 2011 Gamper collaborated with musician and composer David Gamper on See Hear Now: Visible Music. Gisela collected and assembled a variety of video imagery to be performed and projected with David's improvised music. The performances merged the visual and sonic seeking to transcend each medium, creating an immersive experience. 

In 2013 Gamper returned to photography with a series of photographs called 'Longing for David'  dedicated to David, who died in 2011. Gamper's finds her latest images in nature and her backyard in Vermont. The photographs are exhibited at The Village Green Gallery in Weston, Vermont. In 2014 Gamper continued her video work. Gamper's video 'What Goes Around Comes Around' was  performed during a music improvisation at CRAIVE Lab, a 360 degree immersive environment, at RPI in Troy, NY and included in a memorial for composer Pauline Oliveros at The Park Avenue Armory in New York in 2017.   

Among Gamper's grants and awards are two Fellowship Grants from the Vermont Council on the Arts in 1985 and 1990, and the Hasselblad Cover Award in 1991. For two concurrent solo exhibtions in New Orleans in 1997, the Contemporary Artists Collection of Station Hill Arts by Barrytown, Ltd. published Fabrications, a catalogue of Gamper's photographs with text by Rachel Pollack.  Gamper lives and works in Vermont and in New York City.